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of occupy oakland say they were not part of this march. >> they tried to scare us away, push us out of the park. we are not going away. >> before the march, oakland resident kareem mcknight fired up the crowd. she joined protesters tuesday night and broke and dislocated her shoulder. >> oakland was, i twhib it was ground zero for how they were going to deal with this movement. were they going to be able to sweep us away? were they going to be able to arrest us? oakland says no. >> literally in the last 30 seconds or so i've been texting with my photographer, he tells me they were most recently at 18th street, and opd are on the scene. the protest is apparently still happening. we're live in oakland. >> and coming up in just about 12 minutes, we'll hear more from the occupy oakland protesters about what they want and the status of a plan for wednesday. >> we have new information about that iraq war veteran seriously injured this week in the police crackdown of the occupy protest. 24-year-old scott olsen has been recovering at highland hospital in oakland. police say he suffered a hea
't really talking to us about what they were talking and then eventually told us they weren't going to tell us. >> why isn't anybody talking to police? >> first of all we're in the business of saving lives. it's not our business to arrest people. >> reporter: he says it would compromise their mission on the streets. but not everyone likes that logic. >> if they're not going to participate with the police officers, how is the community going to do it? that's the wrong message. >> reporter: we asked several times to ask to the director of this program and he simply said he was not available. i spoke to the city manager and says there are no official plans to penalize the program or disband it. eric rasmussen. >>> new information tonight about the police response to a bold theft at an oakland pawnshop. we showed you the surveillance video last night of a man stealing a $2,000 gold chain. the manager told us police didn't respond to his repeated calls until ktvu aired the video. this morning the manager said police did come by and pick up a copy of the video. investigators say our stories led t
, drugs or violence and protesters use the porta potty provided near city hall. jade hernandez. >>> san francisco demonstrators are still out tonight at the occupy encampment in justin herman plaza. the encampment can stay for now. there hasn't been much of a police presence this weekend. mayor ed lee says the city is working with protest leaders to try to keep the site clean and safe. something the protesters are agreeing to do. >> they're going to come up with a resolution to make this camp workable. i don't know how long it's going to last. >> reporter: the group has several peaceful events planned for this week including a march and rally thursday in conjunction with the global protest of the g20 summit. >>> buddhist monks were among a diverse group that joined the protest in san jose. the group is on a walk to stop nuclear war but lended its sport to the protesters. meanwhile shean oconnelly is still perched atop city hall. >>> the website claims to be mayor quan's official site however her office says it is not. one posting on the website is a fictitious letter proportedly from qu
to have a memorial for steve jobs. people tell us they feel a connection with jobs thanks to the devices he helped create. they're leaving notes, flowers and other momentos outside of apple stores. he was northern as a tough businessman with a rigid style. >> reporter: we're outside of the apple store in palo alto. you can see there's a lot of people here paying tribute to steve jobs. innovative and intuitive are the words used often to describe the creator of apple. it was his smallest of details that put the company on top. there's no doubt that jobs was loved by those who worked with him. but there was a side to jobs that public did not see. >> reporter: how would you describe his management style? >> very harsh. he was at best an abusive manager. >> reporter: former apple employees have told him that he would hire them only to rehire them. >> when he said jump, people jumped. >> reporter: but job's style worked, as seen through apple revolutionary products as seen through i pod, iphone and i pad. apple has grown from one store to a worldwide empire. due to the popularity of those pro
us yet. >> reporter: despite this show of force by police, protesters seemed to come back even more determined. >> the mayor should be here. the mayor should talk to the people. >> reporter: instead, the mayor's legal adviser, dan siegel faced the crowd this evening and said he will be representing some of the demonstrators who were arrested in court. >> it doesn't seem to me that the police have a legal right, or a constitutional right to inflict serious injuries on people, in order to get them to leave, even an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: just in the last few minutes out here, organizers with occupy oakland told me they met in a general assembly, and voted for a general strike next wednesday. protesters by their own counts say they may be have 700 here tonight. but there's a lot of talk about leaving the franco gala plaza here to go on the other side of the bay in san francisco. >>> one protester is hospitalized after a nonlethal canister by a law enforcement officer exploded right in his face. oakland police say they are investigating, and we've also looked into the incident.
was seriously hurt. tonight doctors tell us that scott olsen is improving. jana katsuyama brought us his story last night. tonight she's learned about an emotional reunion he had with his parents. >> reporter: it was today when his parents flew into oakland and got to see their son for the first time. the doctor at highland hospital tells me that scott olson is conscious. he's in the icu and let me tell you that comes as a huge relief to all the people that have come out here to to light candles for him. today in a vigil, more than 1,000 people sat quietly with candles and posters with his photo. >> it's unfortunate to get this many people out here like this to support him. i'm glad they're out here for him. >> reporter: tonight was a moment of peace after tuesday's night of chaos after the 22- year-old suffered a fractured skull. the chief of surgery said he's come out of an induced coma. although olson does not remember tuesday night. >> when he came in, he was unconscious. now he's processing everything. >> reporter: and he recognized his parents. signs of a community hoping for his full
up their camp again. police have used tear gas to disperse the large crowd here at least twice tonight. you're looking at video right now shot less than an hour ago from the same intersection. you can see protesters running as police release tear gas to disperse the group. police say they announced several times to leave before they started throwing the tear gas. >> reporter: i am running to the truck right now because they have just put another round of tear gas out here. they are coming along with tear gas right now. i am right by the truck. and i'm trying to run away but the truck, you know what i'm going to send it back to you because the gas is coming down here. everybody is running down the block. let me send it back to you. >> jana i know. when you're covering in situations like that it gets hard to breathe and uncomfortable. let's go back to her earlier report. >> reporter: one moment they were shouting at police. then explosions echoed down the street. protesters ran covering their mouths trying to get away from the stinging, burning, choking clouds that billowed and
during this engagement. >> reporter: at this evening's us in conference, mendocino county sheriff tom almond said there was no shoot-to-kill order or any verbal contact with bassler before deputies opened fire. >> the fact that two homicides occurred and the fact he fired upon three alameda s.w.a.t. officers essentially clearly led to us believe that any contract from law enforcement is going to be met with deadly and lethal resistance. >> i saw him lose touch with realitiry. >> reporter: this long time- year-old friend watched him succumb to drugs and alcohol long before the murders ever city councilman melo last month. >> all the drug use is going to rot your mind and he responded with, dude, you can't save me, i'm lore gone. >> reporter: the sheriff says more than 40 acts including many from the bay area and u.s. marshals participated in this 36-day manhunt and i can tell you tonight people around here are already telling us that they are simply relieved that it's over. we're live in fort bragg, eric rasmussen, chiewcht channel 2 news. >>> more details on this case and it all be
at the video. >> reporter: after getting nowhere all day today, the store manager turned to us. releasing that surveillance footage and these fliers with the suspect's picture on it. until about two hours ago this was a face that oakland police still had not yet seen. for that, the interim chief apologizes. in seconds, easy money pawn and jewelry on international boulevard took a $2,000 hit. when a bold thief took a chain. fearing for his safety, the store owner asked us not to show his face. >> he hopped into an infinity and they took off. >> reporter: but not before security cameras took a crystal clear picture of his face. a valuable lead for police or so the manager thought. >> and i still have not seen any police officers. >> reporter: hours after the brazen calls and three calls to police. >> were they going to come today or tomorrow? >> reporter: not one offer had stopped by to see the crucial clues. >> i have the suspect pretty much in your hands right now. i think you should come here and at least take a look. >> reporter: i spoke tonight with oakland's interim police. officers w
father wants justice. this was the picture pointed out to us, he came to the tattoo party here in the industrial park. it was late, she stayed until the party was over. but then there was gunfire. >> right now the information that we have is that the victims were -- possibly surprised by what happened, and the suspects ran in an unknown direction. >> reporter: she was not the only victim when the bullets hit her father's dark green explorer. a person close to shanice said she was gunned down with two friends, alfred and northington. we learned that she ehad been accepted into the university, but had not enrolled in any classes. the shooting leaves avoid for the families. >> it was really sad, i never saw anything like that in my life. and my heart was just broken. >> reporter: detectives are looking into this so-called party, which without a permit police knowledge and private security still manage to draw a crowd of up to 400 people, saturday night. >> there is a possibility that it may have been more of a zoning issue rather than a permit issue, based upon the fact this was p
gene quan will get a chance to pick her own chief. heather holmes is live. she tells us that behind the scenes friction played into the resignation. >> reporter: this is batts letter, although he doesn't name any names, those in the department say major quan has too much control. insiders say mayor quan has too much control. >> nobody wants to be in a department where he is not -- >> quan was defensive able accusations she forced the chief out but it was clear from her brief one minute remark that there is no love lost between them. >> i didn't ask him to leave but if he were to leave this is a good time. >> performed the city of the office of chief of police. >> reporter: when batts was appointed chief by then mayor ron dellums he had big goals. but batts found out things are different in oakland. layers of bureaucracy that batts says limited his ability to do his job. >> i think we have to be ashamed of the fact that we had a guy who wanted to do the job and we didn't give him the tools to do it. >> reporter: he says he's in talks with harvard university for a teaching position af
for cooperation, instead of accusation. >> the times right now to be quiet and think about bringing us all together. >> yes. >> because we are together because we live here together. >> reporter: the mayor of east palo alto says next week decisions will be announced on street improvements. and also next week, the district attorney will decide if the driver who hit the little girl will face criminal charges. ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> a 1-month-old baby is safely back home tonight after being taken at gunpoint earlier this evening. within the past hour, the baby girl was returned to the home on linden street in west oakland. a ktvu cameras was there as the baby came home. heather holmes has been tracking down information and joins us now live at police headquarters to tell us what happened. >> julie, right now police are looking for the man at the center of this domestic dispute that led to gunfire and concerns about the safety of this newborn. take a look at new, exclusive video. ktvu cameras were the only ones there as family members returned this 1-month-old baby girl to her mother safe a
was a genius. his expertise was football. and he took us to the top. we're on the way back up. >> reporter: as the afternoon wore on, fans gathered inside the stadium and shared a moment of silence in honor of al davis. the raiders took the field and an early lead. at halftime, more than a dozen raiders gathered on the field to remember al davis. john mattis lit a torch to remember his memory. >> i love to see all the players on the field and john madden lighting that torch was incredible. >> it was a tender moment for this team with a tough reputation. >> reporter: al davis will live on through his team and the best way to honor his memory is with a win. we'll have much more on how the raiders did coming up. >>> it has been a violent weekend in oakland with three people killed in a pair of shootings. police say abram pringel was shot at 85th an olive street. he was rushed to the hospital but died a few hours later. >>> there was more gunfire. officers got a report of shots fired near the interstate 580 park avenue exit. >> we were spotted at the scene. we located two adult victims. one
on wednesday night but the protesters tell us they will continue to camp in that area with sleeping bags. >>> evidence of local governments cutting back is showing up in the jobless report. the u.s. posted a net game of 103,000 new hires in september. it would have been higher if not for the 34,000 public employees being let go including a substantial number of teachers. the national unemployment rate remains at 9.1% for a third consecutive month. >>> on wall street, investors took a cautious report. the dough industrials were 20 points lower, nasdaq was down 27. >>> there was another protest today in san fransisco. this one called for an end to the war in afghanistan. [ applause ]. >> today marks the tenth anniversary of the start of the war and dozens of people attended a rally at the new federal building at seventh and mission late this afternoon. news chopper 2 caught them marching down market street and staging a die in symbolizing all the people killed in the war. they say the war is wrong and a waste of taxpayer money they say could be better spent on education. >>> the war in afg
martin is tracking a second storm headed our way. first we go to ken wayne, he's live at sfo showing us problems people are facing flying and driving. >> reporter: it stopped raining here but the pavement is still wet. there have been weather related problems on the ground and in the air all day long. there are flight delays of up to 90 minutes here at sfo and some flights have been kapbs -l. the flight board tells the story, delays and cancellation all due to weather. the faa initiated procedure to keep planes farther apart in this low visibility and that's slowed things down. >> the delays of 90 minutes are delaying flights from the northwest. >> reporter: this man is waiting for a family member from spokane and has been sitting here for several hours. not just delays but accidents. the highway patrol responded to more than 30 crashes in sonoma county alone. this car suffered serious front end damage after colliding with a fat bed truck in roner park. one woman says she was staying off the freeway. >> i actually took el camino because it seemed the 101 was really backed up. and there
drafted all of us. >> reporter: the name on the back of the jersey worn today as an unmistakingly tribute. >> i always had a love for the raiders. >> reporter: this man drove to alameda after watching the game in texas on tv. >> the fact they won tv today also and the way they did win it just makes it where he was looking down at us. >> reporter: game score, raiders 25-houston texans 20. eli brought flowers and paid his respect. >> doesn't matter what team you root for, he was so instrumental to the game. >> yesterday morning was a sad day. it was very sad. >> he built something and he stuck with it and he lived it. so there's pioneers like that in this world that do that. al davis is definitely one of them. >> these fans came here to feel al davis' presence. this man felt it was not enough. three hours after an ink session, mr. al davis lives forever. >> he was an icon to everybody. >> al davis is just a legendary owner. that doesn't exist anymore in the nfl. >> reporter: i asked if the raider organization had any formal memorial plan and was told nothing has been announced. jade hernand
and authorities fear the worse. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. crews have not given up hope on finding the 53-year-old man after his kayak flipped over. this is being called a freak accident, pat to the ti lee has more. >> reporter: a search boat out on the water. coast guard not giving up they are still looking for a man they've identified as tom gregor who launched with two pals to celebrate his recovery from cancer. friends of the missing man towed his kayak to shore. some what dazed by how quickly their idealic afternoon change -ld. >> it's a freak accident. freak accident. flat water calm freaky accident. >> reporter: bill barnes told us the three had been kayaking all afternoon. after a boat passed by creating a wave. >> as we were coming up the andres creek, we went like this and it pushed us this way. me and lincoln went through it. and then when i turned around to watch see how he was doing his boat was already over. >> reporter: when the kayaker went over, the kayaker did surface crews started their search. >> everyone on a beautiful d
short and long. people here tell us it was enough to rattle some glass at that cafe, and kevin some people's nerves given that this was right on the hayward fault. staff said they felt the glasses clinking and then felt the quake. >> we saw glasses shaking and people were looking around, yeah. >> reporter: along college avenue, even the aftershock made those who are used to earthquakes nervous. >> reporter: today's quakes only lasted a few seconds. but those at the stadium, felt the quake. the crews are planning a safety inspection tomorrow. on campus the tremor rattled some students. >> it was interesting, i was just sitting in the room and everything started shaking. a couple of seconds. the desk waddled a bit. my computer screen fell down. >> we got a couple of seconds off of our class. just to gather our senses back. >> reporter: crews gathered inside digging the new bore when the quake hit. >> work continued. it was sort of a routine precautionary safety evaluation. >> reporter: caltrans officials say the workers do have radios and a hard wired emergency line. but there was no
us live now from city hall where she talked to people about the motivation for the march. >> reporter: ken, right now the general assembly meeting is going on. this is a meeting that happens every night but today was actually the first time that they held a major march. this was the sound today of more than 100 protesters occupying the streets of oakland. the group left the occupy oakland camp and marched through downtown. >> america is broken. it is seriously broken and it needs to be fixed. >> reporter: the crowd a cross section of people with people mixing in but all equally enpassioned. >> the government is not helping anybody else. they're foreclosing on people. the people are losing their homes. >> reporter: many vets can't find work. >> we need jobs, right now they're basically struggling to survive. and it's not right. >> reporter: the marchers made just one stop outside the county jail. >> i want our government to spend more money on social programs that help our communities. i want them to better our schools and give our libraries back to us. >> reporter: police blocked inte
last month. >> we realized that angers americans angers us as well. >> reporter: organizers are urging everyone to take a stand and demand change for a movement that cannot be ignored. i'm shelby lin reporting. >> and we have put together a slide show of the occupy protest from all over the world today as well as more video from the marches right here had in the bay area. >>> a bicycle quivalent is recovering tonight after he was struck and seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver in oakland. the collision happened after 8:30 at west mcarthur and webster street. some good samaritans followed the driver, officers arrived a short time later and arrested her. >>> san francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding a 39-year-old man who has been missing for more than a week. mark marvin was last seen leaving his divisadero home a week ago thursday. his car was found at baker beach on sunday. he is described as white man, and if you information on his whereabouts you are asked to call san francisco police. >>> lawyers hired by house republics in a filing this week the lawyers
. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at >> joe: we welcome you to the chevrolet alcs post-game show on fox. a night that saw 110 minutes of rain delays, final score of 3-2 texas. ogando gets the win. feliz gets his fourth save of the post season. let's go down to ken rosenthal. >> ken: thank you, joe. here with rangers catcher mike napoli. a fun night to be a catcher, no doubt. talk first about c.j. wilson. after that first inning when he settled down and then through the rain delay. >> player: great for us. he bounced back pretty good from his last start. we needed that. he is our ace. he went out there tonight and threw well for us. >> ken: bullpen, 4-1/3 scoreless innings and seemed like one guy after another was really on. >> player: the bullpen is awesome. they s
week ago tonight. patti lee is in richmond and tells us what police were doing at the spot where the crash took place. >> reporter: here at the intersection where the fatal accident occurred there are now these fliers asking for the people's help. for three hours richmond police passed out fliers offering a reward to find the person who struck and hit a man on his wheelchair. a lexus hit cox from behind. cox landed on the hood before being thrown off as he made a left turn. >> we found the lexus emblem. they processed it. >> it's going to be very lonely without him. >> reporter: this man tells us cox and him have been friends since childhood. sharing a common bond. >> he would call me every night. >> reporter: cox' sister told us about his love for the raiders, his family and friends. >> they owe it to the family so we can get peace. they've done damage and they need to make up for it. >> i call that a very coward person to do that. >> reporter: police describe the driver as latino in his 40s with some facial hair. they say it now appears to be an accident but may be facing char
from afghanistan. the man's grieving father told us his son saved lives. >> reporter: this is the veteran's memorial at milpitas city hall. now the name of steven j. dunning will be added the first from milpitas to die from afghanistan. >> i'm glad i got to see him while he was here. >> reporter: friends are coming to the home of steven dunning tonight to pay their respects. the 31-year-old died yesterday on combat operations in afghanistan. >> he was interrogating an iud device, something went wrong. we don't know anything after that. >> reporter: on his second tour of duty in afghanistan, he worked in explosive ordnance disposal best depicted in the movie the war locker. >> it was important to him because he knew the iuds would kill a lot of marines, so by him taking them apart he was saving lives. >> reporter: he was the oldest of three children and besides his parents, leaves a sister joy and a brother david. his father says he loved playing video game, solving problems and fixing things. talents that served him well defusing explosives. his father showed me a sig
responder told us what happened. >> one of the trains according to a amtrak rep ran a red signal and they were probably traveling about 15 to 25 miles an hour. >> reporter: but, today, an amtrak spokesperson would not confirm that when we asked about. a transportation source says there t is possible there was a switching error aligning the tracks incorrectly. they say a lot of things could of gone wrong. >> we look for root causes when there are accidents like that. it is ease tow blame the engineer or contkoubgtor but the bottom line is -- conductor but the bottom line is there is more to the story than most folks might stphaopbg trains are sometimes allowed to pass through red signals at slow speeds. the same things that happened when our camera was rolling here. we have been told that train last night could have been going as slow as 12 miles perhour. we are live here in oakland. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the pilot of a small plane, that made a forced landing, walked away from the wreckage. it it happened at 4:00 this afternoon. the plane came down in a marsh. the plane's engi
us is we know there are the 1% that have the money. they have the ability to fund a better life for all americans. >> reporter: some republicans have dismissed the protesters, calling them a mob and say they are jealous of banker success. >> i have been saying the people have to get out in the streets. >> reporter: laura said she believes this movement will continue to grow and could lead to changes in the system. >> the over 50 people though we care we can't make the difference. we need the young people because they are our future. >> reporter: i checked in with oakland officers, just about 15 minutes ago and they say there haven't been any major problems. we have been smelling pot but they say they aren't focused on crack down on the crowd unless it gets out of hand. >> they may be a bit wet but the weather hasn't hurt the determination of those holding the protest in san francisco. demonstrators lined part of market street near the federal reserve bank. one worker said he came from fremont to support friend was college degrees who are struggling to find work after being la
of the security guards used pepper stray to break up the crowd and the museum was closed and one person was arrested. >>> a golden gate back drop and bluebird skies and the blue angels over head and nothing better than that. we will take you to that. >>> what it means for students at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. seconds. >>> they came by boat, bus and trolly and car to gather on the shoreline of san francisco and look up. we have the spectacle of the blue angels and this week's fleet week. >>> san francisco has some noisy guests this weekend and they aren't subtle. a symphony of jet engines and the people gathered to watch the show from blue angels over the water to a parade of ships on the water. >> a lot of ships and fire boa
in the time it will take us to deliver this report. now there are few people living here with first hand knowledge of what it was all like. [ siren ] the flames had people in the hills of oakland, and berkely running for their lives. >> my god, i've never seen anything like it! >> reporter: no one had seen anything like it, including gordon piper. his home was one of more than 3,000 destroyed in the firestorm. >> the area looked like it had been bombed. >> reporter: he helped create this gateway exhibit center. a monument to the fire. >> my conclusion to the firestorm, kind of where we lived, we lived in harm's way. you can't wait until the fire is coming over the hill to do something about it. >> reporter: but not everyone who lives here now knows what it was like 20 years ago. only a third of the current residence in the neighborhoods destroyed by the firestorm were there in 1991. >> do you feel like you're as prepared as you can be? >> no. i could be doing a lot more things, that's for sure. >> reporter: that's why the city of oakland is urging people to come to a prevention fair on s
storm watch coverage continues throughout the hour. bill will show us the changing conditions on storm tracker 2 and at 10:30 we will go through the area. >>> new at 10:00 tonight, lloyd lacuesta is in east palo alto he's learned about a grass roots effort to try to improve safety. >> reporter: frank there's still a memorial here for 6- year-old sierela zamora. the second grader was laid to rest as the city trys to figure out how to prevent this from ever happening again. at the city council meeting tonight some in the community wanted to know why the school driver who hit the girl was never arrested. >> they should do justice. if they don't do justice today it's going to happen over and over. >> reporter: this lady says that she's a friend of the woman who hit the girl. >> i told her she did not get this morning and say, let me go kill a child. that was not her intention. if that was the case they would have sent her to jail. >> reporter: there was insufficient evidence at the scene. but the investigation continues. >> there is justice for everyone involved in this incident. >> report
with antipolice brutality someday. some say the police officers are using excessive force, but police officers say they have been trying to maintain the guidelines while keeping order. the movement tweeted this morning that two demonstrators were taken into custody. it's the second arrest outside of the san jose city hall. eight people were arrested late thursday night into early friday morning. some activists wept right back to -- went right back to the demonstration. >>> alex salmon shows us they stormed a break. >> reporter: the revolt on the streets of brooklyn as they marched from mark agawa plaza over to lake merritt, with police clearing a path for the crowd. all we wanted was freeway come. >> reporter: taking part today, students to nurses. >> there's really an underlowing common ground, and it's the cities satisfaction with the -- dissatisfaction with the system as a whole. >> we see the economic crisis we have been through, and there's patients who cannot take their medication. >> reporter: some people with masks saturday down in the road. the crowd kept moving again. at one point the de
a group of men forced us out of the same area they have been in. >> nobody d. >> you can't touch it. >> reporter: trouble started at the plaza in oakland. >> public area. >> don't touch that cam a. >> reporter: when a group tried to stop us from interviewing one of the demonstrators. >> he wants to talk to me that's up to hmmm right? instead we are were pushed around and forced back to the street. >> you understand that's unreasonable though. this is a public area. nobody --. >> reporter: we were trying to ask the protesters about an order by the city to clear out the tents and stay away between ten and six. >> our goal is to encourage demonstrators to leave and peacefully. we have been setting out the rules, this notice puts them on fit this is no longer going to be allowed. >> reporter: the city said it had to take action because the public health and safety concern including rats and drug use in the camp. many insist the camp is clean and safe at least one democrat traitor admitted what happened to us. >> i have to say -- >> reporter: is hurting the group's message. >> it'
may hesitate and it may look like a toy, it may be a real gun, that is -- that will put us in a dangerous situation. >> reporter: the four involved in the shooting have within on the force for 13 to 20 years. this he have on leave as department policy at a time when they are already fewer officers on the street. live in san jose. >> and more details now, yesterday's shooting brings the total number of officer involved shootings in san jose to seven this year. in all of last year san jose handled four. in 2009 the number was three. they say it's more people acting outs. >> there has been another police shooting in contra costa where a man is dead. police shot and killed him after a short foot chase. the incident happened around 5:50 this evening on lemon tree court in antioch. police say they got a call about a man with a gun involved in a criminal activity. when officers found him they say he took off running. the man made a move toward his gun and was shot and killed. a neighbor said he heard the police calling for the man to give up before the shooting. >> my neighbor
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